First student group

The first group of students at the JMM School at Salangaon


Founded in 1985, the school has gone from strength to strength. From an initial 25 students in a tent, we now have 175  students who have  well built classrooms Activity Hall,Library, Multi-Media  Room, Badminton court, a Children’s Park   and Playgrounds.

Catering to the village community, the school has gone from strength to strength and one of our students have returned to our fold as a teacher.


About John Martyn

What better tribute to a great mentor – A  charitable school

John Martyn profile

John Martyn

When John Martyn graduated from Cambridge he went straight to Harrow where he taught for ten years. From Harrow to the Doon School, where he worked for 31 years, 18 of those years as the Headmaster. Social work was a keen, lifelong interest for  John  Martyn and he was especially keen  to  ensure that the chileren from affluent families get opportunities to interact with and work for the less fortunate  children  from under-privileged backgrounds.

When John Martun passed away  in 1985, many dear friends suggested that a Trust in his name be set up to run a charitable school. And so with many shoulders to the wheel, and the tremendous energy of Mady Martyn, the village school at Salangaon was founded in the foothills of the Himalayas  that John Martyn  so loved.

Thanks to the continuing efforts of the dedicated board, teachers and staff, the school has flourished and now provides  free primary education to around 170 children.


Mady Martyn

Mady Martyn

Mady Martyn

Mady   was born in Vienna, Austria in 1917. After her father passed away in 1922, she  re-located  with her mother to Bad Hofgastein, south of Salzburg. In 1935, a handsome Sikh gentleman came to stay at the Grand Hotel opposite the Kurhaus Gastein, then run by Mady’s Mother. Married in London to Sardar Uttam Singh, Mady came to make her home in India.

After her first husband passed away, Mady married John Martyn, and they lived in Dehradun where Mady was heavily involved with environmental protection with “Friends of the Doon“.

When  John Martyn passed away, many people suggested that a Foundation be started to commemorate the great service to education that John Martyn had provided.

Mady dedicated the last years of her life to the founding and creation of the JMMTrust and in particular the nurturing primary school at Village  Salangaon.

We have a history of 27 years in charitable work reaching out to underprivileged in 23 locations.