My India, Clean India


My India, Clean India

In a  novel way of celebrating Children’s Day, the students of John Martyn Memorial School came out on the roads in solidarity with Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan.  All the students including the four year olds from the Nursery were seen  looking for bits of paper  and other garbage around.

“Our way of grooming responsible citizens of India”, said the Principal, “By the time  they grow up, these  villages  will  change into clean villages .”

Children and teachers  formed  a few  groups  and headed for  nearby  locations like Khairani, Vaibhav farm, Bhandargaon and Bhagwantpur.  Armed with polythene bags, they collected all garbage and deposited them in the  public dustbins.

“An excellent way to create public awareness”, said Mr.  Sharma, “These children are our future”.

The school staff also treated the students to a Happy Meal.


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