Onam celebrations

Onam celebrations in John Martyn Memorial School

The students of John Martyn Memorial School assembled in the front ground with bagfuls of fresh flowers. Marigolds, shoeflowers, periwinkles and all the wild flowers around the villages found their way to the school ground this morning as they were celebrating Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala. Being a charitable school for the underprivileged village children, the school has several programs to increase general knowledge and create the national awareness. Celebrating all the major festivals is one of them.
During the Onam season, to welcome their erstwhile beloved king Mahabali, Keralites decorate their front yards with fresh flowers. In John Martyn Memorial School, this was the right time for the inter-house Fresh flower rangoli competition. The four Houses- Agni, Jal, Prithvi and soorya made their pookkalams. Agni House won the first prize.

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